Ever since the news became clear that one of you would be leaving us, I named you, “Leftie” and “Rightie” Therefore, it became personal and you became personalized. Both of you have supported me for over 49 years and if we add in gestation been functioning for half a century. You not only gave me […]

I met Lindsey in 2006, in the hallways of Avondale Elementary School. She was in tears about a dilemma she was having with her youngest son, Pierce, and having to switch school at the last minute for him to PreK at Avondale. Pierce was the same age as my Tucker, 4 years old. Camille was […]

Learn to Type this Summer (June 11-15 and July 16-20) Jill Joyner, parent, therapist, minister, substitute teacher and typing enthusiast is offering two weeks of day camp to rising 5th-8th graders (will make exceptions for older and younger kids based on individual circumstances, contact me). The camp will give your child the opportunity to either begin […]

My friend posted on Facebook the other day about his 40+ year marriage to his wife. My reply was, “Marriage is not easy, but it’s worth it.” This written by me, a woman married for only 13 years, single for five and now engaged to a man who God returned to me. I truly believe […]

Yesterday morning with the announcement of the firing of Matt Lauer due to allegations of sexual misconduct, a blog post started stirring in my head. Then, yesterday afternoon a journalist from the Atlanta Journal Constitution contacted me as an “expert” for an article. At that point, I knew I could no longer keep quiet about […]

Sermon preached at Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church, June 18, 2017 Old Testament Isaiah 49:8-16a – New Testament Matthew 6:24-34 I will be the first to admit, I come from a strong lineage of worriers. My ancestors brought the worry all the way from Ireland to America. If I am not actively worrying about one thing, I get worried […]

Emergency Contact I do not remember the giddiness I felt when I first began adding Kristian as my “emergency contact” on all forms requiring such information. I do, however, remember very well the pit I felt in the bottom of my soul the first time I filled out a form after he moved out requiring […]